About Me (Karl-Heinz Thielmann)

I enjoyed a long carreer in asset management after achieving a degree in Economics from the University of Cologne. From 1990-1993 I worked as an Analyst for European stock markets with Dresdner Bank Investment Research. 1994-2000 I was Fund manager with Deutscher Investment Trust DIT (today: Allianz Global Investors).

During my time working at DIT, I developed many successful products, e.g. the DIT Wachstum Europa, the first German equity fund to invest explicitly in quality growth shares. Furthermore I received numerous awards for outstanding performance, notably for DIT Großbritannien, a fund dedicated to investments in stocks of the United Kingdom. (Finanzen Fundmanager of the Year; S&P Micropal Awards)

Since 2001 I have worked as an independent consultant for companies, asset managers and private individuals on matters regarding the capital market. During my years working as an independent adviser, I have been able to help my customers to achieve considerably above-average investment results. Furthermore, I am a lecturer for Global Economics and a regular contributor to financial blogs.

Since 2012 I have also been Managing Director at LONG-TERM INVESTING Research AG, a research unit focused exclusively on the requirements of long-term investors. It is completely independent from financial institutions and has no direct or indirect interest in selling financial products.

English is not my first language. Therefore, Amanda Habbershaw of Tinta Translations has been so kind to help me with translations and proof-reading. However, you may still find linguistic errors and mistakes in this blog. These are entirely my fault and due to my impatience to publish posts I find interesting.

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“With a Steady Hand”
Welcome to the weblog of Karl-Heinz Thielmann, fund manager, financial analyst, economist and dedicated long-term investor.

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